Tile & Grout

Our tile cleaning service will restore your tile and grout like new!

We specialize in tile & grout restoration.  Kitchen grease and food spills are not a problem. Our knowledge and equipment give us the advantage over tough jobs like the one below.  We incorporate the use of a professional high alkaline cleaning solution (pH 12) to suspend soil with our tile cleaning process. The solution is brushed in manually using grout brushes or agitated aggressively with a rotary brush machine.

After just a couple minutes dwell time we use an SX-12 spinner tool which uses a combination of high rotary water pressure and vacuum slots to thoroughly rinse and extract soils. Our tile cleaning process is extremely effective against soil and will leave your tile and grout looking new again!

Our price includes re-sealing all grout lines with a flourocarbon sealer which protects against water and oil based spills. Floors with porous natural stone, such as marble and travertine, should be re-sealed immediately following periodic cleanings. This is also included in our price.