Carpet Cleaning

What can you do to prepare for your carpet cleaning:

    Move small items and breakables from the area to be cleaned.
    We ask that electronics be dis-assembled and by moved by tenant

You can expect our cleaning technician to do the following:

Pre-inspection: We will evaluate your carpet for soil, wear, spots, stains and address any concerns.

Moving Furniture: When necessary we will move and replace small furniture in its original position.

Pre-Vacuum: We always pre-vacuum with our professional commercial grade vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming picks up solid particles that cannot be dissolved with cleaning solutions and is critical to performing a thorough job.

Pre-treatment: We apply a professional strength cleaning solution and agitate the carpet fibers with either a hand brush or a rotary machine and bonnet (depending on the degree of soil).

Cleaning: The carpet is then extracted with high heat and high vacuum with either a manual wand or our Rotovac 360. We rinse your carpet with a clean water, neutralizing rinse. Our carpet cleaning method will leave no alkaline residue in your carpet. We rinse it clean!









































Post-inspection: Once the process is completed, we re-inspect the carpet to ensure that all the work has been done according to our high standards.Protect & Groom: When necessary we will place blocks or plastic pads under furniture legs to protect them during the drying process and groom the carpet for a clean inviting look.What you should do after the carpet cleaning:To decrease drying time try to keep the room temperature about 72 degrees and use fans to circulate the air around the cleaned carpet. Staying off the carpet until dry is very important as wet fibers will lay down when stepped on, hence, delaying dry time.Green Cleaning options are available for customers with allergies or sensitivity concerns. Green cleaning leaves no odor (VOC), no pH and zero residue. This cleaning method is available upon request.Low Moisture Cleaning (encapsulation) for commercial areas that are cleaned regularly and do not require aggressive cleaning.  This cleaning method is available upon request.Let's Keep in Touch





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